Sunday, July 8, 2007

The End of An Era

A momentous occasion took place today. During a tense episode of "The Next Food Network Star," I cast off the final border strip of Hunter's blanket.

This project has carried me through many, many hours of TV and movie viewing, late nights, etc. It's been my fallback knitting for so long that it will be strange to finally finish the project. Of course, tonight doesn't mark the end. I've barely begun the arduous process of weaving in the ends--a project in itself!--and I still need to sew the corners of the border strips. Also, I am debating a crochet border for stability.

In anticipation of finishing the blanket, I started another project--my brother's long-promised pair of socks. They are his present...from last Christmas. Better late than never, eh? I'm knitting them in Knit Picks yarns--Essential in Navy and Gloss in Serengeti (gold). The toes and heels will be gold and the foot and leg will be navy with one gold stripe at the top. I'm doing a small patterned rib. There will also be his monogram at the outer edges of the sock. I'm knitting this pair on two circular needles, which I've never done before. I ordered 2 24" circs from Knit Picks as well, and I have been so pleased with the needles and the technique. I can't believe it's taken me so long to try this method.

I've still got my sock pal's sock on the needles too--the first one is nearly finished. I love the yarn, but the pattern (2x2 rib) is so boring. I wish I had tried something more interesting!