Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tim Burton + Alice = love

Speaking of coats...check out the blue one Alice is sporting in these new set pics from Tim Burton's upcoming film of Alice in Wonderland (which should be, obviously, spectacular in every sense of the word). And now I wish I had long curly hair...but alas.


Mel said...

She's pretty and VERY Alice-y! So is the coat. I can't wait to see the movie... too bad it's TWO YEARS AWAY. Thanks for getting my hopes up, Caroline.

Just kidding. Thanks for sharing the link ;)

Caroline said...

Always a pleasure, Mel. : )

Tina said...

I would love that coat in a deep mauve and the hair to go with it! How long can a baby go without a name?! I could help with that.
Love, Mom

Anna Kristine said...

I'm so excited about this film! Colleen Atwood is doing the costumes so that alone has me thrilled...not to mention Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are involved! (Colleen Atwood has done costumes for most of Tim Burton's films as well as Little Women, A Series of Unfortunate Events and several others!)
Okay...enough gushing. But I do indeed love her rick-rack skirt and striped wrist warmers. :)

Caroline said...

Hey Anna Kristine! No fear about being enthusiastic...I am quite excited too! I hadn't realized that the designer also did the Series of Unfortunate Events -- and I loved those costumes as well.