Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And now, a musical interlude

I have been enjoying my Paste VIP Winter DVD Sampler. The musics videos have been a delight (with a few mediocre numbers -- Matt Costa, I'm talking to you) and I thought I'd share two favourites below. Both song titles start with "How" which is coincidental.

First, one from Greg Laswell:

And then a delightful ditty from The Watson Twins:


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Tina said...

I'll look for the dancing dudes in the soda aisle on my next visit to Publix. Or maybe they're in the Ice Cooler! It was a fun vid - thanks.
And the twin's ditty was cute too. Her green heels were pretty awful though. It'll be fun to see if either of them make it in the big time - I mean, even bigger than a Paste CD.
love, Mom