Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My heels can't touch the ground...

After yesterday's critique of "the zen of knitting," I tried something that is supposed to be genuinely centering: yoga.

I'd always wanted to try yoga but found classes prohibitively expensive and was loathe to teach myself from a book, for fear that I would do it wrong. When I found out that the community center was offering free classes this month, I knew that this was my chance to find out what it was really like.

Overall, it was quite nice, though challenging. I've never been flexible but I tried to follow directions. It wasn't as relaxing as one might hope, but that will probably come with practice.

It did occur to me that knitting was much, much easier than most of what we had to do during class. However, I plan to keep trying it and see if I improve. I did like the emphasis on posture.


Erica said...

I tried yoga once, but found that the downward facing dog hurt my shoulders :-\. I was probably doing it incorrectly, but I haven't gotten the nerve up to try again since.

Michelle said...

...and now you can knit yourself a yoga mat carrier... =)