Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Welcome to Marvelous Things

Welcome to my blog, Marvelous Things. This is my first blog and I'm delighted to finally join the blogosphere after reading many blogs over the past several years.

The inspiration for the title of my blog comes from Micah 7:15, one of my favourite Bible verses. The context of the quote is about the works of God as "marvelous things." I intend this blog to be unlimited in its scope and discussion--music, books, politics, current events, craft, etc. Therefore, the idea of writing on marvelous things was greatly appealing.

Feedback will be appreciated, so don't hesitate to email or send comments.


Anonymous said...

I love you so much!
So, tell me more about Shakespeare. I really want to know about your involvement in the Royal Shakespeare Company. You are really cool. LOL.


tina said...

Hi Caroline! Max congrats on jumping on the blogworld. I hope you'll still have time to provide me with much needed tec support! I'm truly looking forward to reading all that you write. Love, Mom