Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Project updates

I thought I'd post some progress pictures for my two current projects (there are more on the needles, but I'm mostly working on these two).

The first is Hunter's blanket. I've done a lot of it, but there are still a few sections left and the border as well. The pattern is from Mason-Dixon Knitting; it's the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. Because it's in garter stitch, it's an excellent movie and tv project. The blanket in the picture below is on my charming roommate's bed (thanks Sarah!) because I didn't want to photograph it on the floor.

The other project is the Sierpinski scarf from Knitting Nature. It's for on-the-go knitting. I'm just knitting it in dishcloth cotton yarn.


Hunter said...

I think your knitting skills are like tossing a bean into the mouth of a lion. I am proud to be the future owner of such a masterpiece!

Cameron said...

What does that even mean? A bean into the mouth of a lion?? Someone who makes comments like that perhaps does not deserve a (hand-knit) blanket of his own.... ;0)

MsFortuknit said...

Thats really nice!