Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cimetière Bellarbre

When it comes to places where I can study, there are several options: the library, the student union, my room, and the computer lab. Sadly, none of these places holds any kind of great aesthetic appeal. Enter the Cimetière Bellarbre, a small cemetery near campus. Of the three local cemeteries, it is my favourite. I must confess that I named it myself, as there seems to be no traditional name given besides "the Main Street cemetery." This cemetery is superior to the other two for several reasons: 1) It is the closest to my room; 2) It has the oldest graves; 3) The trees are charming; and 4) There is a bench on which to spread out.

This morning I had several essays on Renaissance Revenge to read, and so I headed out, this time with my camera to capture the scene. The sky was overcast, on the verge of rain, so conditions were ideal.

Walking into the cemetery, with the bench toward the back

Cracked from old age? Or darker forces at work?

A plaque at the center of the bench's stone courtyard

Note how the lid to this grave is shifted...


One of the older graves, dating to 1888

The back of the bench

The courtyard (with a bonus shot of my boot toe)

The sun broke through the clouds as I sat on the bench

Another view where where I sat

Sun in the trees!

To my left

The curious carving on the arm of the bench

My favourite grave. It is the only one I've ever seen that says "drowned" instead of "died," and I feel that this man has the makings of a story.

The view through the gate, while departing

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