Monday, March 10, 2008

"Geek Love" in the NYT

Yesterday's New York Times ran a tribute to Gary Gygax, the famed creator of Dungeons & Dragons. While I never played D & D (RPGs are one of the few arenas of geekery that I have yet to explore), I can appreciate its continuning influenced on some of my interests. Thus, I found the diagram the paper ran alongside the article quite amusing:

[Large Version Here]

Yes, this chart lists a few of my interests...just a few.


Jman said...

Scary Accurate. The bottom left hand corner must hit a little too close to home. :) I got another nerf gun (yes, another) to turn into a ballin' steampunk blaster. I'm thinking external mechanics and another (yes, another) laser pointer.
Looking forward to geeking out over Easter,


Anonymous said...


My first extensive computing experience was on a TRS-80 (made by Radio Shack and affectionately known as "Trash-80"). I was never drawn to D&D but had some buddies back in the day who were. :-)

Mr. Heringer

Caroline said...

Mr. Heringer,

"Trash-80" sounds like a name for a robot in a sci-fi novel; I love it.