Thursday, March 13, 2008

Je tricote! Je vous promets! Part I

OK, OK. I have been knitting these past few weeks, albeit sporadically. Somehow, reading Renaissance revenge tragedies and writing short fiction and re-making costumes have eaten up some of my free time this semester.

First, the sweater of All Things Epic, St. Brigid. I'm delighted (read: relieved) to report that the back and front are now finished, and I've got both sleeves on a circular needle right now. After the sleeves, I'll only have the seaming and collar left. I am not doing the silly fringe on the hem, as I have yet to find fringe around my hips a flattering look.

A sleeve!

A front!

Up-close-and-personal shot of the cables

The astute reader will observe that the sweater looks...large. Do not adjust your monitors! The sweater is ginormous. In fact, the size is 40" (stop laughing). I'm aware that it's big; it's going to be a burrow-inside-a-cabin sort of sweater, not a stylish runway piece.

In my next post: new socks!

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