Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is why I love English nerds. No, really. You must experience the greatness.

Now back to your regularly scheduled studying.


Tina said...

Well, that was enlightening - I think. I sure hope you get some extra credit for finding that - not that you need it!
I'm not a current subscriber to that blog so I will count on you to share what you think I may need to see and hear.
Love, Mom

Clay said...

Hi! I'm the one who made that little song. thank you for posting my composition to your blog! :-)

Caroline said...

Ah! I am honoured by your visit, Clay! When my linguistics class did the OE unit, we could either do a translation or recitation. I went with the translation, not because I didn't want to memorize something, but because I adore translating. :)