Friday, December 5, 2008

Harry Potter Lives On Forever

NB: This post is dedicated to my younger siblings, who share in my joy for this series. I love you both!

It's not hard to figure out via context clues and my obsessive ramblings, that I adore the Harry Potter books. Not everyone understand this, which I can appreciate. Still, there are many that shared my sadness when the series concluded a little over a year ago.

So, when J.K. Rowling announced the publication of a new book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard (which figured prominently in the last book of the series), I was among those rejoicing. But wait! I'm abroad! How will I ever find this lovely text in this strange and foreign land?

Fear not! A few weeks ago I read in the promotional newsletter for my favourite bookstore, La Boîte à Livres (the box of boxes) that I could expect to see Les Contes de Beedle le Barde very soon! Therefore, I went and obtained my very own copy today. I haven't started reading it yet -- I am going to try to really stretch it out.

Here is the lovely cover:


I adore the design and layout -- old-school is the way to go. J.K. Rowling did the illustrations inside as well, but I am not photographing those because everyone should go find a copy in a local bookstore to enjoy the surprise.

Of course, I am very excited about eventually getting the English version too and comparing the two editions. In reading the original series in French, I pick up on slight translational liberties.


Tina said...

Fear not! Your English copy has arrived at the olde homestead. Savannah is attempting to make hers last by reading a select portion each day. I will happily pop your copy in your Christmas box next week if you'd like.
Enjoy your lit! Love, Mum

Caroline said...

That sounds wonderful! I laughed when Savannah said she was making it last -- and that she'd already read 3 stories. : )

Rachel said...

Oh my God, that's beautiful! I'm dying to get my hands on a copy, but I'm buying it for my family for the holidays--so I guess I'll just have to wait.