Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hear That Sound?

Yep, all around the world (or at least schools with semestrial schedules), students are huddling in corners with books, coffee, and fevered expressions.

I'm no exception, though I have the benefit of loose-leaf black tea and a pleasant study space. Still, it's crunch time, so original blog content may not be forthcoming. Even so, inspired as I now am by the discovery of some amazing new blogs, I may be posting a little work that I did last year. We'll see.


Matthew H. John said...

Hey there, Caroline. This is Matthew H. John. I think I might have fixed the feed issue over on my blog. Would you mind letting me know if a full feed shows up in your Google reader?

Thanks a ton. And have a great week!

Moriah said...

I hope your exams and finals are going (or went) well! Have a great break and I'll see you sometime in the spring.
much love,

Cameron said...

Yayyyyy studying!!!